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At Next Level Humanity, you’ll connect with women from diverse backgrounds and fields – from entrepreneurs to healthcare specialists, banking executives to sales managers, lawyers to creative minds. Each woman brings her unique story, ready to embark on a transformative journey, step by step. The beauty lies in our continuous learning from one another, making the NLH journey truly exceptional.

Collaborations are born, connections are forged, and lifelong friendships are made. You’re stepping into a tight-knit community where mutual support propels us to greater heights. We don’t focus on what you lack; we celebrate everything you possess. Recognizing potential is our forte – we guide you to experience your true magnificence. It’s about moving from your mind to your heart to your soul. Scroll down for a glimpse into some extraordinary stories of the women in our community.

Join us in embracing Next Level Humanity – where we celebrate diversity, foster collaboration, and empower each other to realize our soulful lives and a bettter world. It’s not about where you’re starting from; it’s about where you’re headed. Your greatness awaits – come and be part of our incredible journey.

I wish this for every woman

Carola Otten


What if it goes wrong, to...what if it works out

Suzanne Harper

Locked in a gilded cage is how I felt before I decided to join NLH Academy in 2019. I had a good job with a decent salary, a beautiful car, and promising future prospects. What more could one ask for, you might think? Yet, I wasn’t truly content. I felt literally imprisoned in my own life. Afraid to make choices – what if I lost my job, would I still be able to pay the bills? How would my future look without the security of a stable job and a good income? So many questions that had been lingering in my mind for far too long, draining the energy from my body.

Then, I had a “Clarity Call” with a team member of NLH. It provided the clarity I needed. I felt an instant connection, as if I had finally found someone who truly understood me. I decided to enroll in the Academy.

With anticipation and a slight tension, I embarked on the first live days. That annoying voice in my head was there again: what if this doesn’t take me further, what then? I had tried so many things already. I remember that after the first live days, I slowly regained my confidence and energy, but I had no idea where this would lead. As the program progressed, my confidence grew so much that my mindset completely transformed. From ‘What if it goes wrong?’ to ‘What if it works out’? With that thought, I resigned from my job before the program even ended.

Ultimately, I took a year to contemplate how I wanted my future to unfold. What do I value, and what do I want to see in my life? It turned out to be the best year ever. My creativity resurfaced, I was bursting with energy, and I started my own business: A Perfect Jane, named after my dog, Jane.

For years, I had been following a vegan lifestyle, but I couldn’t find any stylish vegan shoes. During the visualizations on the live days, it became clear that I wanted to combine my love for animals and fashion. Almost a year later, A Perfect Jane was born.

A Perfect Jane is designed for true fashion enthusiasts who want to look good while contributing to a better world, without compromising on looks and quality. Cruelty-Free & Vegan, Sustainable & Looking Great. That’s our mission.

The vivid green sole, imprinted with a leaf vein, will surely make you stand out. It’s a nod to A Perfect Jane’s sustainable trendy boots.

Love, Suzanne

Every once in a while, something beautiful comes your way...

Anne de Man

Eight months ago, I stepped into my car one morning. I was tired, and my mind was overwhelmed with urgent to-do’s that I wouldn’t be able to tackle over the next two days.

The program’s description on the website sounded a bit ethereal: I would be searching for my purpose (for me: vision, mission, strategy) and learning to build my business. Words like meditate, manifest, heal, feminine, and masculine had come up. It meant little to me, not that I hadn’t heard of them, but as a down-to-earth person, I couldn’t relate much to them, I thought.

On the other hand, I love learning, and somewhere deep down, I must have felt that the tough and strong persona I often portrayed might be hindering a calmer and happier version of myself. Besides, I needed some help and courage to chase my timid aspiration of starting my own business.

Eight months later, I’m at the closing day, the last of the five live days of NLH Academy. Mabel asks who would like to share something about the past months and where they stand now.

I stand up to share my story. With a smile and with pride, I talk about where I came from and the journey I’ve undertaken from that first day of the course until now. I was searching for myself, wanting to be softer, but I had learned to hide that side under a tougher layer, brimming with stress, often angry at my emotions, frequently feeling misunderstood, and lacking self-love.

And now I’m standing there, looking at the women around me. I tell them how everything has changed: I’ve learned to forgive others but, most importantly, myself. I dare to be kind and gentle now, and I can look in the mirror and see a beautiful woman. I embrace my emotions; I recognize them, acknowledge them, and can figure out what I need in that moment. I find it intriguing and enjoyable to be receptive to signals; so much is happening that I might need to explore.

I explain that I quit my job and am joyfully and wholeheartedly working on starting my own business. There’s no more stress from that weekday grind that used to leave me drained every evening.

I also share the essence of everything: my purpose. And the sense of responsibility I have towards inspiring others in any way possible if they are open to it.

These truly were eight intense months. I worked incredibly hard, had to learn a lot, and invested a significant amount of time in myself to undergo this process. But I did it. So much has changed, I have changed so much. Or no, I’ve become myself. Finally.

Every once in a while, something beautiful comes your way that can completely alter your direction. That happened to me, and I wholeheartedly embraced it.

Do the same: step into it if you feel that it can help you find yourself. There’s genuinely nothing more beautiful than that. Trust that it will work out. And above all, enjoy the journey!

x Anne

From a Multitasker to a Butterfly

Shireen Bruggeling – Hommes

I decided to embark on NLH Academy’s journey because I found so much of myself in the points Mabel mentioned during a Masterclass. Especially the part about enjoying a thousand things and being fairly good at them, yet still feeling like something doesn’t align. Wanting to take a different path, but getting stuck on the roundabout of thoughts. Change jobs, start my own venture? What to do? Both paths lacked sufficient trust. And that’s precisely what I was seeking: trust!

I longed for the confidence to let go of the myriad things I was doing. To use them in ways that resonate with me and truly mean something to others. Freedom and control! Being as critical as I am (and still am), I did wonder if NLH Academy could genuinely assist me in this. After all, I had invested so much in personal development. Often, this was based on what an employer had suggested. And this felt right for me. My choice, my control, my feeling. Giving myself permission to invest greatly in myself was step one towards inviting abundance. Linking actions to inner desires rather than acting from the head and expecting outcomes.

And oh my, what a relief this was. Saying YES to myself. I knew that ultimately, trust lies within oneself, not in others. But that in just three months, this would be such a life-changing experience – I couldn’t have dreamt it. FREEDOM! I sense I can flutter again and rest in the most beautiful places. I’ve reclaimed control, and the best part is: I can see the beauty in others much more. Being tough on yourself is indeed being tough on others and vice versa.

I’ve become a passionate advocate for NLH. In fact, I’ve made it my work. Being meaningful for a better world. This is what I am meant to do without twisting myself in a thousand directions.

“Everyone is the creator of their own happiness” – a quote tattooed in Latin on my husband’s body. And that’s what it is. And that you don’t have to do this ALONE, but rather by inviting the beauty of someone else’s inspiration and insights; this lets you soar. Like a butterfly!

With love, Shireen

From surviving to LIVING

Linda Koomen

I had my life all sorted out – successful, good salary, a company car, and one promotion after another. The masculine way of working, always pushing through, not asking for help enough, that was me. It all looked great, but all my time and energy were dedicated to my work, and slowly I lost sight of myself. From that powerhouse who always kept all the balls in the air to a pitiful wreck.

And then, a masterclass from NLH crossed my path. Without any doubt, I can say that NLH Academy is one of the best things that happened to me. I felt in every fiber of my body that this journey was meant for me, and that still holds true. What an incredible experience! I’ve made important choices, started enjoying every day again, and I’m doing what I truly love.

Since 2020, I’ve been working at the best employer in the country: NLH 🙂 and I’m proud of the fact that I can now do meaningful work and make a difference. I’m living my best life and in April, I’m leaving with my family to Valencia for 3 months to live and work there.


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