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Dive into High Frequencies, where the exhilaration of dance, meditation, and breathwork merge with live performances to redefine nightlife.

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ANYTHING is possible

We are here on Earth to co-create with the divine and to increase and inspire the consciousness of the planet through our gifts, beauty, and desires.

What would happen if you embraced the beautiful life you deeply desire from the most aligned place inside of you?

A life where you welcome that indescribable embodiment of purpose, beauty, pleasure, joy and love that satisfies your Soul.

A life where you experience deep love in your relationship with yourself and others.

A life where you can breathe deeply and take your time because abundance is surrounding you.

A life in which you touch the hearts of many others. 🖤

Craft your
epic life

Next Level Humanity is here for you if you have a deep inner knowing that you are here to make impact. To create your most epic life while contributing to a better world.

Let’s not waste another minute and start:

  • Awakening your desires;
  • Reclaiming your (feminine) gifts;
  • Increasing your frequency and consciousness;
  • Owning your voice and your Soul’s message;
  • Making a deep impact in the world;
  • And most of all: living your most beautiful Soul led life! 

Free powerful quided activations

Download your free Activations here and create a frequency enhancing daily ritual to connect yourself with the highest divine frequencies. Choose the activation you need right now

Activation 1: Raise your Frequency Activation
During this activation, we’ll focus on removing any blockages that may be hindering you from living at your highest frequency. We will reflect on these blockages and then engage in dance and movement to further elevate our energies! The frequency you’re about to experience will be uplifting, joyful, and healing. 

Activation 2: Daily Frequency-Raising Meditation
This practice will help you connect with the highest divine frequency in the universe, allowing you to embody and bring this powerful energy into every aspect of your life. This meditation can be done sitting or laying down. 🙏🏻

Activation 3: The Soul Journey (especially designed for women)
Beautiful woman, you know that everything you need lies within yourself, connected to the feminine divine. All the insights, gifts, and wisdom. But how do you access those deeper layers of desires, creation, and truth? How do you receive the answers from YOUR SOUL? The Soul Journey is a quided activation for women, reconnecting women with their Goddess energy. 💫


Sanne van Tol

“Wow, wow, what an amazing and unique experience this was was! The energy that was unleashed during the 5 days is actually indescribable. The doubts I had beforehand, like ‘What if I can’t do it?’ or ‘Is the investment worth it?’ already completely disappeared on the first day. It feels so good to form a community with other women who inspire each other. And even though we don’t know exactly what the future holds, I feel the inspiration flowing and I also know that I have something great to offer to the world. That I get to make the world a little bit more beautiful. So Mabel, thank you very much for your positive energy, wisdom and motivating words. This was an experience I’ll never forget!”

Ana Bonouvrie-Smorenburg

“Wow, what a wonderful journey I’ve been able to experience with you and all the other NLH ladies of this cohort! A journey I couldn’t have imagined would be so amazing and impactful beforehand! And this is just the beginning, because all the things I’ve learned and experienced have already changed me, will continue to change me in the coming time, and I’ll carry them with me for the rest of my life. Incredibly valuable, not just for me, but also for the people around me. There’s a different Ana in the house, and it is just the beginning for me! I’m going to take so many more steps in the coming time; I can feel it, and I trust it. I’m “on fire” and unstoppable! Wow wow wow!! I’m incredibly grateful to you for this wonderful, truly life-changing experience!”



“Mabel for me is magic on legs. She invites you in a bath of love, playfulness and deep wisdom.”

Sandra Laura Manuela


I believe that anything is possible; in the UNLIMITED receiving of my deepest desires. I believe our imagination is the portal for our most beautiful reality. If we can dream it, we can allow it; if we can allow it, we can receive it; and if we can receive it, we WILL experience it. 

I believe Spirit utilizes our desires to help the evolution of this planet and it is our responsibility to dream, to enhance, to expand and to embody the truth that anything is possible.

Over the past years, I have supported tens of thousands of women in discovering and living their purpose and Soul led life. Through my unique blend of spirituality, impactful life & business coaching, and extraordinary working methods, my programs and events bring forth the best and most extraordinary in you.

Next Level Humanity has evolved into a movement of exceptionally self-aware and spiritual leaders who are making the world a better place through who they are and what they do. I believe in not just dreaming, but also taking tangible action!

Together, we rise.


marleen steenhuis

“When I enrolled in NLH Academy, I was aware that good coaching can bring you a lot. However, what the Academy has brought me, I could never have dared to dream. Through visualizations, exercises, and a wonderful interaction with the other ladies and the coaches, I have come closer to myself. I now know what to pay attention to in order to make my life more beautiful, richer, and happier. And during this beautiful journey, I have already taken the first steps and achieved some incredibly rewarding milestones. 

My most beautiful and valuable life has just begun. From now on, I’m learning every day to listen to myself a little better and to be of unprecedented value to my family, friends, and family, and to so many others who will come into my path. I am finally the role model for my children that I was looking for. The woman who shows that you can achieve everything you need to be happy when you listen well to your soul. And with me, many other wonderful ladies whom I now have in my NLH network.

Mabel, a huge thank you for this educational, valuable, and inspiring journey. May we continue to help and support each other so that we can all make the world (and ourselves) more beautiful. 

AIKE de vor

“NLH. Powerhouse!
Thanks for the incredibly beautiful journey we embarked on together.
My main reason for signing up was actually curiosity. Not because I was miserable at my job or totally lost. But curious about the idea, the promise of living my purpose. Because despite being quite content and grateful for what I have and who I am, there was a nagging feeling. There’s got to be more.
Well, you more than delivered on that. I now possess a treasure trove of new perspectives, practical tools and techniques, and not to forget, a mega cool, inspiring tribe! To become an even better version of myself.
Not only the structure and content of the program, but also the way you manage to create trust, connection, and energy… hats off and a big thank you for that. I’m not there yet, the journey has just begun. But after this journey, I possess an inexhaustible source of inspiration. And to anyone reading this review, trying to decide if this Academy is for you, I genuinely want to say; when in doubt, just go for it!


HELENA van houten

Wow, I can only thank you for the many insights!
– Thanks to you, I know that I’m going to start my own business.
– I’ve already come up with my unique method.
– I know how to stay in trust and love.
– I know how to live from inspiration instead of willpower.
– I’m already manifesting, doors are already opening.
– I trust that I’m going to shine and I know that I’m fantastic.
– The TEACH module is truly fantastic and gives me the tools for a successful business and the certainty that by the end of 2021, I’ll have 25 paying clients.

Either way, I’m living my purpose now. I’m experiencing inner peace, trust, and I’m relying on my intuition, soul and feelings again. I’m planning to start my business on May 1st, and I’m incredibly excited!